Within Laser Care (India) Pvt. Ltd. Quality of the products are of paramount importance. LCIPL’s state of Art manufacturing facilities reaffirms world class quality products.

LCI Toner Cartridges

LCI Toner Cartridges are assembled with high quality LCI Toner Powder and uses imported OEM cases. To ensure a higher standard of product quality, incoming materials are strictly tested before production. We also purchase qualified parts from domestic manufacturer to make our products more competitive.
The chips and toners are very important to the quality of LCI color laser toner cartridge, we use imported Smartchip to ensure a high standard of product quality.
Continuous R&D is carried out to develop new toner formulations, comparable or even better than the OEM's quality. As a result of our ongoing R&D efforts, we have been constantly expanding our product range for use in Laser printers, and also for the upcoming Digital machines and Multi Function Printers.
LCI Toner cartridges are compatible with printers like HP, Samsung, Canon, etc. Our Cartridges provide Equal Yield comparing to any OEM cartridge and provide crisp printing outputs.

LCI Inkjet Cartridges

LCI Inkjet Cartridges are assembled with Fine Quality Inks and uses OEM cases which fits perfectly in to concerned printer. LCI Inkjet Cartridges are made with Pigmented Inks which provides superior performance whether in Black or Color. The cases are imported and are assembled with high precision machinery, preventing it from spillage. These cartridges are frequently tested to eliminate the possibility of faulty products.
LCI Inkjet Cartridges are assembled to the highest of standards to ensure brilliant print quality and value for money to our customers. LCI Cartridges are reasonably priced and saves around 30% in Printing expenditure.
LCI cartridges are compatible with HP, Samsung Canon Inkjet and Photo Printers. Our Cartridges provide Equal Yield comparing to any OEM cartridge and provide crystal clear printing outputs whether it’s on a normal paper or a photo paper.

LCI Peripherals OPC Dums

LCI OPC Drums are dual coated and of best quality for at least use for 3-4 times of refill*. It is imported and kept in a Moisture Free area for better results. Our OPC DRUMS consumes less toner powder for good output and saves your toner powder to go to waste unit in Toner cartridge. LCI OPC DRUMS are available for HP, Samsung, Canon and Epson Toner cartridges.
*-Based on the performance and environment of printer.

LCI Toner Powder

LCI Toner Powder is a complex universal imported powder that a laser printer or copier uses to form dark and actual image. LCI Toner Powder is used in different Toner Cartridges like HP, Samsung, Canon, Epson and etc. It is packed by Air Vacuumed Machine to avoid moisture for better impression in printing.

Available in different package:- Bottle Packaging of 120gms; 250gms; 400gms; Bag Packaging of 1kg; 2kgs; 5kgs

LCI Copier Paper

LCI Copier is a premium quality paper for all office printing and copying machines. It is a true work-horse which gives you clear crisp and excellent quality every single print/copy. It has exceptional formation and good smoothness to ensure consistent and problem-free copying. LCI Copier is available in a variety of sizes and gsm for today's modern copy equipments. LaserCare copier is available in 70gsm, 75gsm and 80gsm in weight and from 98% to 104% in brightness. LCI Copier Paper is designed to produce sharp images of graphics and text from today's sophisticated technology in printing and copying. The paper is suitable for all office equipment using the xerographic principle available in the mark established brands like HP, Samsung, Canon, Xerox, Ricoh, Kodak, etc.

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