LCIPL has attuned to market needs; wherever possible, LCIPL is completely focused on quality and delivery commitments on time. LCIPL develop new products and processes that will go beyond customer satisfaction to achieve customer delight.

Supply of Toner and Inkjet Cartridges

LCIPL (LaserCare (India) Pvt. Ltd.) is a major Supplier to many Institutions (clients) and there is an approximately 30% in cost reduction in their printing expenditure.

Managed Printing System (MPS)

Every institution faces lots of problem in Printing and related activities such as Toner purchase and refilling, Inkjet Cartridge refilling, etc. Managed Printing System will help you in this matter.Managed Printing System helps a user to get accurate information about the day-to-day printing at hand, this system keeps information of each page printed on each node where a printer is connected. Here LCIPL (LaserCare (India) Pvt. Ltd.) will take care of all the hassles of day to day printing as we are very much experienced in tackling the same.

We will supply LCI Cartridges and take care of your printers with a per page basis charge. In some cases we can also supply you with LCI Copier Paper.

Benefits of Managed Printing Systems:

Maintenance of Printers and Consumables.

We also take care of Printer Maintenance, Refurnishing and Refilling of toner cartridges for our esteemed clients whenever it is needed. Toner Cartridges are refurnished and refilled with a proper process of cleaning which results in more pages yield and helps the printer to run smoothly.

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